Prove Engineering join HDN-platform

Most if not all manufacturers of foods and food ingredients will claim that their product is safe and that it has been manufactured by a food safety-controlled process. After all, how can one assure foods or food ingredients are safe if the production method used to make them, is not controlled? To help food (ingredient)…

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Prove Engineering & Marin’s Sling Project

Most of us will have played with toy boats in the bathtub or in a nearby stream at one time or another. Some of us may have taken up sailing later in life based on those first experiences, and others may have lost interest, but anyone that has ever played with a toy boat will…

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BigBag filling system

Being active in manufacturing food emulsifiers, one of our clients has multiple finishing lines and multiple packaging formats. Two of these finishing lines, a spray chiller and a flaker/mill, have outlets to their own 25 kg packing lines and a joint BigBag filling line. The process routes to this joint BigBag filling system are relatively…

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Liquid-liquid extraction plant

A client active in the pharmaceutical industry has a supreme patented technology to isolate omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils. This technology, however, is less selective in the removal of certain natural impurities, preventing them from reaching the highest purity standard or achieving this standard only at a lower capacity. Following patent research and extensive…

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Liquid fill system

One of our clients, active in the emulsifier industry, has asked Prove to expand its finishing capabilities by installing a new liquid fill system. The new system should be able to fill IBCs and drums and needs to be fully integrated with the client’s PLC. After consulting the client’s technical and production staff and several…

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Tank farm basic engineering

A plant is properly designed when the most expensive process step is being used to its full capacity. For example, an expensive reactor, which has a thermal oil system running to heat it up, a vacuum system sucking out the air to increase the distillation rate and has an operator on shift 24/7 to run…

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