Process Engineering

Process engineering is integral to every phase of (chemical) process design, from initial analysis to ongoing operation. At Prove we follow a systematic approach to design and optimize your processes. We adhere to established engineering principles, utilize (analytical) software tools, and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to ensure efficient and effective project execution.

Process engineers play a central role in conceptualizing process alternatives and evaluating their merits. Drawing upon our expertise in chemical reactions, thermodynamics, and process modeling, we can define the overall process scheme and identify optimal process steps.

We can lead the development of detailed engineering documentation, including process flowsheets, equipment selection and specification, and Process & Instrumentation Diagrams. We will apply sound engineering practices to design efficient and safe processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Finally, we can oversee construction activities and commissioning the designed processes. Troubleshoot issues, optimize process parameters, and ensure that the designed process operates safely and efficiently.

Jos van der Gugten

As you can read on our services page we like to call ourselves jacks of all trades, masters of some. Well...that pretty much sums up Jos. With experience as a process operator, process engineer, engineering manager and currently business owner he can "sell" your project to sr. management, design it from scratch, oversee construction and finally commission it. Does he specialize in a certain industry? Not really, he has seen them all