April 15, 2022

Prove Engineering goes international

Prove goes international

It was probably last summer between the first and the second COVID-19 wave and international holidays were finally allowed again. It dawned on us that going on holiday was a luxury we could hardly afford as many of the projects we were working on peaked around that time. Such is the fate of our small engineering consultancy’s management: either the workload is so high that we sacrifice our holidays or so slow that we feel we can’t take a break and have to look for new projects instead. Adamant never to let a work overload ever interfere with holidays again, we started looking for reinforcements to our engineering team at the end of summer. By chance rather than choice, we had grown out to a homogeneous team of Dutch, white, thirty-somewhat aged males over the past years and through consecutive recruits; not something we would like to be recognised for. With the help of the Chemploy-team, we’ve met with a very diverse group of candidate employees.

Say hi to Julio 🙂

We’re happy that we’ve been able to recruit Julio Martín to reinforce the process engineering team by January 1st 2021. His Spanish nationality brings some diversity to the team. Moreover, Julio comes with a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Valladolid University and a vast process and project engineering experience acquired at Hexion, Jacobs/Worley and McDermott. Having worked in the Dutch oil and gas industry for the preceding 8 years, his drive to learn the Dutch language hasn’t really been challenged. With his transition to engineering for the food and pharmaceutical industries in Germany and the Netherlands, Julio has picked up on his Dutch language courses.