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Who is Prove Engineering?

Prove Engineering B.V. was founded in 2015 by Jos van der Gugten and Elwin Sparreboom to provide process engineering and project management (consultancy) services to businesses active in the chemical, food, feed and pharmaceutical industries. Based in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, we are primarily targeting potential clients in these industries in North-Western Europe.

Having worked with engineering consultants whilst employed by manufacturers ourselves, we found most of them rather dogmatic and slow and hence, quite inefficient and expensive. Call us arrogant, but we think we can do better. Although we are not averse to making a modest profit, we are in it for the challenge and not for big hits.

At the risk of sounding nerdy, we are fond of process engineering and love to make our mark delivering projects with a major process engineering aspect. We like to challenge the status quo and preconceived ideas and try to stay in touch with standards, best practices and new technologies, not just because we think it is in the best interest of our clients but also out of personal interest.

Ideally, we start working on an engineering project from its initial conception and support our clients through all engineering stages to commissioning and hand-over. Working with people from the board room to the shop floor keeps us on our toes and helps us rally support and deliver projects promptly.



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Your top-end engineering partner!

We aim to provide optimal process development support to our clients.

We use our clients’ resources and our skills and knowledge to do what is necessary – not more and not less – to get a project through its phase. We only run checks or perform calculations on what we agree makes sense.

7 years
7 years
Cost saving
7 years
Integrity and honesty
7 years


We want to be a reliable and sustainable partner to clients, employees, shareholders and the larger community as a whole.


Due to our mix of junior and senior staff, and because we hire knowledge, skills, and people with 'doing what is necessary' personalities, we have the best of all worlds and can provide you with the needed service.

Cost saving

By combining your knowledge with our skills, we skip the unnecessary time-consuming work and go directly to the point—nothing more, nothing less.

Integrity and honesty

We enjoy a good challenge, but if we believe you are a better fit for someone else, we will honestly say so. We believe that giving and sharing with others will lead to profit and happy creations.

Jos van der Gugten

Owner & Sr. Process Engineer

Elwin Sparreboom

Owner & Sr. Process Engineer

Andrea Favretto

Sr. Process Engineer

Julio G. Martín

Process Engineer

Guy Shomroni

Process Engineer

Sai Nitya Chatta

Project Manager

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