May we introduce our team?

Here they are, our Jacks of all trades, masters of some. Each team member has an educational background in engineering. Whether it’s chemical, mechanical or process engineering. 


It is an international team, with members coming from Italy, Spain and even South-Africa, but the diversity of our team not only stems in their country of origin, but also in the the industries they worked in before they joined Prove Engineering. 


Our experience extends across a wide spectrum of sectors, ensuring that we are well-equipped to tackle challenges regardless of the industry. Whether it’s the precise quality demands of the pharmaceutical industry, the stringent safety regulations of the chemical sector or the dynamic landscape of the food industry, we have proven ourselves time and again as a trusted partner.


Various educational backgrounds and experience bring forth different specializations that are being used in our projects across industries. Our knowledge on the strict safety regulations in the Chemical industry offer a new perspective on the safe design of a food factory where the focus often lies on quality.

Our seasoned team delivers tailored engineering solutions, navigating industry intricacies with precision. Trust us to exceed expectations and drive success in your next project.

Due to the continued success of our organization, we are always looking to expand our team!

Jos van der Gugten

Owner & Sr. Process Engineer

Elwin Sparreboom

Owner & Sr. Process Engineer

Andrea Favretto

Sr. Process Engineer

Julio G. Martín

Process Engineer

Guy Shomroni

Process Engineer

Armand Fourie

Process Engineer

Get in touch! We are looking forward to start a new project.