Equipment selection & specification

Life as a process engineer can be quite boring and monotone. Most of the time we look at equipment such as reactors and pumps……..

and maybe sometimes at mixers….

or separators…..


…..Distillation columns, Crystallizers, liquid-liquid Extractors, Evaporators, Absorbers, Adsorbers, Driers, Homogenisers, Centrifuges, Coolers, Heaters, Extruders, Sedimenters, pasteurisers, Sterilisers and Clarifiers…..among others. 

Not to mention all the subcategories that belong to these unit operations, all of which need proper specifications to make sure they are fit for purpose. Each process has its own process conditions and specific construction and material requirements that need to be specified meticulously in order for the unit operation to function properly over its entire lifespan.

Equipment specification by Prove

In equipment selection and specification, efficiency is key. We achieve this by utilizing specific templates for each equipment item. These templates are finely tuned to address various requirements such as capacity, material compatibility, and regulatory standards. By leveraging these templates, we streamline the process, ensuring that our decisions align with project goals and industry best practices. This approach not only saves time but also enhances reliability and minimizes risks.