Utility design

Often we find that Utilities are seen as…well…utilities, the things you need to get the actual process going. The process that, in the end, makes the product your company sells and earns your income. But when your utilities are poorly designed you could be throwing away money into the air and sewer. Or even worse, they could impact the end quality of your product.

A well designed steam system takes into account a proper assessment of steam demand, pressure, and temperature requirements. Maintains steam quality and purity and has an optimized distribution network with efficient piping and insulation. It also considers safety measures like pressure relief valves and has energy-efficient technologies incorporated for monitoring and maintenance. 

Cooling water is another utility that is of vital importance to your process, but also often is a system where energy is lost into a drain or into the air via a cooling tower. A well-designed cooling water system requires accurate heat load calculations, consideration of water quality, optimal flow rates, proper component selection, and efficient piping layout. Energy should be recovered as much as possible and the process includes cooling tower selection, water treatment systems, and robust control and monitoring mechanisms for safety and performance.

We could fill the entire website with why proper utility design is so important and go into detail on compressed air, water, nitrogen, condensate, wastewater and vacuum systems, but you could also just give us a call when you need help and invite us over for coffee.


Utility design at Prove

At Prove we are experienced in designing cooling water systems including the necessary treatment. we also know how to avoid water hammer in your steam pipes and which pump suits best for your specific vacuum system. This comes from experience, but also by keeping up-to-date on standards and making sure we follow the right training courses.