May 23, 2021

Liquid-liquid extraction plant

Liquid-liquid extraction plant

A client active in the pharmaceutical industry has a supreme patented technology to isolate omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils. This technology, however, is less selective in the removal of certain natural impurities, preventing them from reaching the highest purity standard or achieving this standard only at a lower capacity.

Following patent research and extensive laboratory trials, our client’s R&D department has developed an alternative basic process capable of removing these natural impurities more effectively.

Prove Engineering have used this basic process, modelled it and scaled it to full industrial scale in multiple iterations with our client’s R&D department and senior management. We’ve assisted in getting pilot trials set up to validate our models, made the required engineering documentation (PFD, P&ID, M&E-balance) and specified the equipment for the industrial-scale installations. Following an equipment supplier selection and a tender evaluation process, we’ve helped our client negotiate competitive deals for the major equipment items.

Currently, we’re ironing out the last process engineering issues, aiding the construction team with engineering support and helping the validation team get all the documentation sorted out.