May 2, 2021

Tank farm basic engineering

Tank farm basic engineering

A plant is properly designed when the most expensive process step is being used to its full capacity. For example, an expensive reactor, which has a thermal oil system running to heat it up, a vacuum system sucking out the air to increase the distillation rate and has an operator on shift 24/7 to run the process is likely to add a lot more to the product cost price than a storage tank, which only stores the product produced in the reactor before being transported off to the customer.

This means we better make sure that the operator isn’t wasting any time waiting for a storage tank to free up because a tank truck hasn’t picked up the previous batch yet.

This is exactly the problem our customer is facing today, and so they have decided to expand their tank farm to increase capacity, diversify their product portfolio without compromising capacity and reduce their product cost price.

Prove Engineering has been asked to do the basic engineering for this new tank farm. Developing P&IDs, equipment specifications, hydraulic calculations and all other necessary drawings and documents to put vendors to work on their quotes and to have a prosperous start to the detailed engineering phase.