May 20, 2022

Funny, cool and interesting facts about engineers and engineering

Funny, cool and interesting facts about engineers and engineering.

Engineers design, construct and maintain buildings, bridges and other structures. They apply math and the sciences to find the most efficient way to complete a project. They are in high demand for their ability to use critical thinking skills to solve problems in a variety of industries.
Here are some fun, cool and interesting facts about engineers 😎:

  1. Engineers invented the light bulb: US inventor Thomas Edison is often credited with creating the solution in 1879: the carbon filament light bulb. However, the British chemist Warren de La Rue had solved the scientific challenges nearly 40 years earlier.
  2. Engineers are not just for building bridges. In fact, engineers build everything, from homes to hospitals to military vehicles to spacecraft, as well as such things as irrigation systems, traffic lights and food processing plants (i.e., chocolate factories).
  3. Every year, engineers create new devices that help people with disabilities. Engineers design and develop prosthetic arms and legs for our wounded veterans.
  4. When your laptop stops working, it may not be a problem with the computer itself. Many times it’s a problem with the driver (software) not working correctly, or there is some wiring that is corroded. Engineers can solve these problems so you can get back to work! 😎
  5. Many engineers carry tools. Not just pocket knives or screwdrivers – but pliers, hammers, nails and all sorts of other items that help them build things.
  6. Engineers are less afraid of heights than most people are. Many bridges they design are high above the water, over railroads and hillsides. Some of the higher ones have walkways on them, so people don’t fall off while climbing.
  7. Engineers build weapons. This was a fact that surprised me. They do not design nuclear weapons, but they do design and manufacture small arms (like bullets and rifles) as well as missiles.
  8. Engineers fix things that go wrong with our bodies, even though someone else broke them. Engineers are the ones who created artificial hearts and other replacement body parts!
  9. Engineers go to the beach. Many engineers study coastal land use planning and restoration of shorelines. They also design and build beaches, surfboards, and other things that people use on the beach.
  10. Engineers are everywhere. They are engineers in the factories that make everything from picnic tables to bridges to nuclear missiles, and they are also engineers in our homes as they fix leaks, install ceiling fans, drive our cars and home appliances so we can have comfortable living spaces at home.
  11. Engineers keep us safe. They create better planes, trains and automobiles to do it.
  12. Engineers are not only smart people, but they are creative too. They are the people who come up with new ideas for things like food to eat, better ways of living and entertainment.
  13. Engineers can eat and breathe underwater for a short time! Engineers designed, built and tested the first underwater breathing apparatus so divers could explore shipwrecks, undersea caves and other water-covered areas.
  14. Engineers can fly a plane and drive a car, and they even design and create aircraft carriers.
  15. Engineers are very hard workers who do their best to help bring people out of poverty or into the middle class. They also work to protect our environment so that it will be healthy for future generations to live in.
  16. Engineers do lots of other things besides just building bridges or making engines. They help with science, math and music education. They mentor children who are interested in math and science careers (especially girls!), and they help students learn to use technology in their daily lives.
  17. Engineers are smart people who are helping to solve world problems: global climate change, renewable energy sources and food security.
  18. Engineers build everything! They even invented the first photo camera, telephonic devices and television.
  19. Many of the medicines you are taking or will take in the future are designed by engineers!
  20. Even if you don’t have a smartphone or a computer (of course you have!), engineers designed them for us to use, so we wouldn’t have to walk so far and so fast when we want information or to talk with someone far away.
  21. Your backyard is made to make you happy because an engineer designed it!
  22. Engineers take care of us! You may not know it, but engineers do things for you without you asking them to do them. If something breaks, they fix it for you. If you need something built, they build it for you.
  23. Engineers design and build the cars for us to use! They also design the roads that we drive on so that they are high quality and safe for us to travel on.
  24. Engineers help us to work and play. They create new and exciting toys for us to enjoy (like television sets, video games, computers, cell phones and other fun things.)
  25. Engineers are always thinking of ways to keep us safe. For example, they are always thinking of ways to make our water safe to drink (like soap and fluoride), how to keep our air clean, and how we can have fun but do it responsibly.
  26. Engineers make things that keep us safe from natural disasters (like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and droughts).
  27. Even the toys you played with as a child were designed by an engineer: the doll your Barbies lived in was designed by an engineer and so were the Barbie car and the helicopter you played with!

    This was our list. How about yours? The list is divided into various branches of engineering.
    Engineers have an enormous number of different responsibilities and specializations. There are many who will argue that these are not all the branches of engineering and others that can be added. The main purpose of this article was to show how diverse each branch of engineering is.