April 15, 2022

Prove Engineering Lustrum

Prove Engineering Lustrum

It´s hard to believe, but on June 8th it´s 5 years already since Elwin, and I set sail on this joint venture called Prove Engineering. They say that time flies when you´re having fun, so I suppose it´s no surprise that it only feels like yesterday that we signed the founding paperwork for Prove Engineering. The first years were filled with a lot of new experiences: sending our first invoice, quoting our services to a new client, filing taxes for the first time, celebrating our first annual profit, hiring our first employee…

Looking back over the past years, a lot has changed. We’ve helped out enterprises in various industries, we have grown in size, and our playing field has changed, but our vision has remained what it has been from the start: manufacturing industries deserve good quality services and shouldn’t have to pick up the check for their engineering consultant’s inefficiencies. Although initially, we could only hope to make a living off our ambitions, we’ve met a lot of people in the industry that share this vision, and over the last years, we’ve managed to enlist a couple of engineers that share our passion for providing high-end, hands-on, no-nonsense process engineering and project management services.

My better half has often referred to Elwin to me as “your spouse”. Although originally expressed as a side hit, for spending more time with him than with her, I like the metaphor as, in many ways having joint custody over a company is similar to raising offspring together.

Before you get all teary-eyed and the violins are ushered in: a big thank you to our partners, families, employees, clients and business relations for making these past 5 years memorable.

If I’d known that work would be this much fun, I would have skipped school 😉